Friday, May 27, 2011

This one is for the Ladies

Or as Disney might say ... for the Princesses.

Have any of you ever had trouble getting the men folk in your life (husband, dad, brother, uncle, boyfriend) to agree to go to Disney? You know he'd just love it if he'd give it a try. Or even if he wouldn't .... so what? Do it for the kids! Seriously, what did you do, say, threaten to make it happen ... or didn't it happen?

(Or if you hypothetically asked the man in your life about going to Disney, what do you think he would say?)

As always, you feedback is vital and helpful. Thanks.


  1. We've never been, but I don't think Jessie is opposed to it. He's more interested in park hopping between Epcot and MGM, and possibly taking a side trip to Universal. Epcot used to have beers from around the world (I'd imagine they still do) so that is an incentive for him. (Remember the Roseanne episode where Dan hears that there is beer in Epcot and runs over there joyfully as the "Chariots of Fire" song plays in the background? That would be him...

    A friend of mine is going because his wife's mother bought all the tickets and booked the hotel rooms. He didn't want to go (nor did his wife...she was more opposed), but they felt guilty that she shelled out all the money.

  2. See, now whenever I run for a beer in Epcot I won't be able to NOT hum teh Chariots of Fire song in my head.

  3. Not much help since my husband, father, and brother-in-law all love going. Brother-in-law and sister loved Disney even before they had their daughter, who they now take twice a year. Would have to say that, big ticket rides aside, Epcot is the biggest appeal for all of them... especially pints in the Rose & Crown. ;-)

  4. He has probably gone to Disney because he's a nice guy who thinks it's just not worth arguing about. Or maybe it's some kind of complicated quid pro quo thing...
    Left to his own devices, my husband would rather stick pins in his eyes than go to Disney. (Crowds, Sunburn and over-priced everything is his least favorite combination.) But, I grew up not far from Disney, I LOVE the place (big kid at heart,) and the men in my family who still live down there enjoy going (also big kids) So, when we visit FL with our kids, my husband is outnumbered and has come along for the ride a couple of times. I think I've even seen him crack a smile or two while checking out the Giraffes at the Animal Kingdom, but he'd never admit it.
    I think I need to take a cue from the poster above and mention the beer at Epcot. I seem to remember some of my HS friends talking about "drinking around the world"....hmmm. Yeah, that would totally work.

  5. Shelly,

    Drinking around the world? Why, I have never heard of such an activity. (hic)

  6. PS. Where is the blonde princess in your picture above? I don't feel represented! ;)

  7. Shelly,

    I can only google disney princess photos for so long before my wife starts looking at me funny.

  8. I was really indifferent to going to Disney World the first time: didn't think I'd love it or hate it. My sister-in-law worked for Disney at the time and she and my then-fiancee (now wife) were quite clever in introducing it to me slowly: we did Epcot first. They got me a beer and a good meal (at the former Italian restaurant, now closed and replaced with a new one) and more beer and we just took it slow and easy and I had fun. I've gotten over the years to appreciate Disney, the good and the bad of it, and we've had many wonderful family trips there. I am very glad I overcame my initial hesitation and have had those trips to share with my wife and my kids.

  9. My hubby loves the place as much as I do. 30 visits in 35 years...that is a lot of love.