Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mission Space? More like Mission Puke.

There is a relatively new ride at Epcot (a year or two old maybe) called Mission Space. While I salute the technology and creativity that went into this ride, I will probably never go on it again. It simulates a space launch and landing so well that you even get to experience the same MOTION SICKNESS that real astronauts do. Probably, I'm just getting old and feeble.

On the other hand SOARIN' and TEST TRACK are rides at Epcot I can go on over and over again. I never get tired of them. Probably my favorite rides in all of the parks.

Which brings us to this weekend's question. Previous questions have been for the purpose of research for a project which is evolving. But this one is simple and just for fun.

What is the one ride that is your most favorite in all the parks?


  1. awe man that's a hard one, it's kinda like picking what Michael Bolton song is your favorite, because I celebrate the whole collection of Disney rides, but it is a toss up between Rock n' Roller coaster and Expedition Everest roller coaster. I love that feeling you get when your heart feels like it's about to come out your mouth and all over your clothes, feels like victory (or a heart attack)

  2. My sister and brother-in-law are serious WDW addicts. The go twice a year (from Philly). When we went with them in 2009 they had already done the Mission Space thing and they assured us it wasn't that intense. We were leery though, and since their daughter (then 10) didn't want to do the full version we took her on the "light" version of it. It was very fun, but not intense at all. Definitely think we'll be trying the full version next time we make it there.

    All-time favorite used to be Tower of Terror, but I think now if you said I could only go on one I'd pick the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster. The rush at the start of that is incomparable.

    However... we went on Expedition Everest for the first time during that 2009 visit (last time we were there, unfortunately) and it was tremendous. A few more rides and it could take the top spot.

  3. Justin,

    What I really like about the rock-n-roll rollercoaster is the immediate fast start. A nice jolt.

  4. Elizabeth,

    At some point I might work up the courage to try the light version. For now, I'm still too shell-shocked.

    You need to point your sister and brother in-law toward this blog!

  5. Will do.

    The light version of Mission Space doesn't spin, it just moves up/down and side/side. It's more bumpy than anything, like (the old) Star Tours. So if that ride doesn't bother you, then I assure you the light version of Mission Space would be fine for you.

  6. Sold, Elizabeth. I'll try the light version next time.

  7. I polled the family, who are sitting with me:
    Little blonde girl: Expedition Everest, because you end up going backwards
    Wife: Space Mountain (she is old school that way)
    Me: I really liked the Rock-n-Roller Coaster, but no one else in my family did. After that, I would say Splashwater Falls.

    As for the family favorite, we would pick Soarin'.

  8. My favorite ride is the one out of Orlando.

  9. David,

    I'm not crazy about orlando either ... but I luvs me some Disney.

  10. I'm with you on both Soarin' and Test Track. They are both fantastic rides. But it's hard for me to choose anything over Space Mountain. Yes, this makes me a traditionalist, but it is still a terrific thrill ride. For me, it's held up over time.

  11. Love Soarin' (the favorite of the whole family when we ride together) and I like Expedition Everest, Test Track, and Rock n' Rollercoaster. I also have a traditional fondness for Pirate of the Caribbean, Splash Mountain, and Maelstrom.

    I can't ride Star Tours or Mission: Space, though.

  12. Jeff,

    Is Maelstrom the one in Norway in Epcot? DO you stay for the film or make your escape?

  13. Soarin', followed by Rock n' Roller Coaster

  14. The whole Murray crew are die-hard coaster freaks that have ridden coasters all over the USA, but...I have to go with The Haunted Mansion as my absolute favorite Disney ride. The theming detail is impeccable...every time I ride it I notice something new.

    Someday...I will get that job standing at the door of the Haunted mansion so I can say...No more bodies...step to the dead center of the room...

  15. I think the thing Disney rides do better than any other park is create an atmosphere while you're waiting. The design and detail that goes into the waiting areas is amazing. This makes a ride like Pirates, which anywhere would be dull, quite enjoyable. My two favorites though have to be the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (I love the creepy old Hollywood hotel vibe) and Expedition Everest. I can't wait until my kids get older and we can start riding more stuff. So far, with them being two and under every time we've been, it limits our ride options.

  16. Bryon,

    Whenever possible, Disney tries to weave a "narrative" into the ride ... which ties into what you're talking about. Makes for a richer experience.