Thursday, May 26, 2011

Good, Good. Only Your HATE can make you strong enough to resist Disney!

Okay, folks we're off to a good start. As you know, I'm using this blog to collect some research for a project. Today's question is an important one.

If you've never been to Disney, what are the reasons that have kept you from pulling the trigger? What anxieties, concerns or dislikes keep you from giving WDW a try? And if you HAVE been, what keeps you from going back?

As always, your participation is very much appreciated.


  1. I went to WDW one time when I was a teenager, or I guess what they'd call a 'tween' now (ecch). Weird time to go - I fought with every ounce of cynicism I could muster, but at that age you haven't built up that much and it crumbles quickly. I'd write more but it's tangential to the question.

    Why haven't I gone back? Apart from the typical gripes (cost, travel, crowds, ugly fat people, not having kids), I think the real reason is I would hate to walk in and not see the magic, not feel the excitement. It would be like growing up all over again in just one sharp second. All that magic turned to mummery.

    Maybe this is overblown but that's what I thought of the second I read the question.

    A slightly less dramatic reason I don't know I'd want to go back is even though I know WDW has been making efforts to have fun things for grownups to do, they just seem boring to me and remind me that I'm (relatively) old. Play golf! Go to a bar! SHOP! Compared to what the kids get it just seems kinda boring, like they just took a basic vacation resort and slapped a pair of mouse ears on it. Couldn't Disney somehow work some magic that works on adults? Like, I don't know, a Texas Hold 'em Tournament with Disney characters in costumes? That would be pretty awesome, especially if you could smoke while you were playing, which I know is not going to happen. "Straight to the jack. Mouse wins again."

  2. What keeps me going back -- The fact that I can't help but feel the way I did as a kid when I wander through the Magic Kingdom, regardless of the adult cynicism I have. I love going on my birthday and having all cast members wish me a Happy Birthday. 4th of July fireworks have no equal to any other fireworks show, except maybe DC on 4th of July.

    The bottom line is this: no matter how many things we think Disney gets wrong, there are so many that they get right. This is particularly true in the area of customer service.

  3. Great, feedback, Gavin. Perfect. I love it when I get an answer that is a combination of what I expected and also stuff I never thought of before.

    Okay, people. Spread the word. I need lots of peopel to hit this blog in the coming weeks to get a real variety of feedback.

  4. Matt,

    Very cool how your answer and Jim's kind of go together.

    It's all coming together. (Rubs hands together like Sith lord.) Good ... Good ...

  5. The only thing that really keeps me from going back is the cost.

    I grew up in Southern California and have a lifelong attachment to Disney. I would like to foster that with my daughter. She's almost 8 and has been to Disneyland twice and Disney World twice. Not a month goes by without her asking when we can go again.

    But I'm a single parent and a high school teacher. Those two things don't necessarily combine to make a trip to WDW easy. It takes serious planning and saving. There's no way around it - it IS expensive to go to WDW.

    I'm not informed enough to know so maybe they already have something in place, but I'd love to see them offer some sort of educator discount/program.

  6. Never been a fan, I mean, I did Sea World and even that seemed so sad and agonizing. Of course it probably didn't help that I read TEAM RODENT:HOW DISNEY DEVOURS THE WORLD by Carl Hiaasen. With the kids, if I'm going to drop five - seven grand on a better have an open bar and topless beaches. Seriously. Like at Punta Cana in the DR

  7. Kieran actually spends his summers working as Mickey Mouse--Yes, his last post is an elaborate scam--he was even part of a touring company for Disney on ice, but was kicked off the tour for shouting profanities at toddlers in the first four rows and telling soccer moms to take off their tops.
    He was, of course, drunk.

  8. This is a lie. I wasn't drunk. My medications got swiveled around. And for your information, smartypants, I wasn't hired to play Mickey let alone skate around some sticky arena with a bad soundsystem. One summer, Mad Hatter, end of story.

  9. Victor, do you really want me to continue spewing my anti-Disney vitriol all over your project? Because I kind of feel like I already answered today's question with yesterday's, but I can continue piling it on if you want me to. My hatred fuels itself, after all, making it an endlessly renewable resource.

  10. The only thing that keeps us from going back more frequently is the cost.

    Prior to our first visit, I was holding out on a visit partly because of cost but mainly because I wanted the little blonde girl to remember it. My parents took me in second grade, and my memory of the trip is there, but sketchy. I wanted to wait a year or two after that (it turned out to be one) in the hope my daughter's memory would be better.