Monday, July 18, 2011

Any Questions?

Sort of quiet around the old Disney for Dad Blog as I bust some ass writing X-MEN scripts. Got to keep pace with those monthly deadlines.

Anyway, I ask you guys questions all the time. You have any questions for me? Any questions you'd like me to post to our blog readers?

Don't be shy.


  1. What's the one thing that Disney's missing that would improve the experience at any one park?

    I don't have an answer - just curious about the responses.

  2. Jeff,

    For me, it's not what it's missing. It's what it has too much of. It is sooooo crowded. I'm a pretty good planner, so I'm able to go during the "slow" times and avoid much of the crowd. But it's impossible to avoid long lines crowds all together.

    I do wish the Animal Kingdom had like a colonial style African pub. Sort of al Allan Quartermain vibe kinda place to sit and have a beer.

  3. I think the Animal Kingdom would be a perfect place for the Adventurer's Club since it no longer exists.

  4. Little John,

    I *almost* said Adventurer's Club!

  5. What ride (or show) provides the best return for the investment of time waiting in line? That is, not the best ride or the the ride with the shortest line, but the ride that gives you the best experience for the average amount of time you wait?

    And what ride or show gives the smallest return?

  6. Kabugajski,

    That's a hell of a good question. Obviously, it depends on what you find interesting. If you've never been to the parks before, I am tempted to say Muppets 3D at Disney Hollywood Studios. It's such an old ride that there is almost never a wait, yet I always find it very entertaining. And in the Magic Kingdom, I find that often the Splash Moutnain line is surprisingly short if you walk directly to it first thing after the park opens ... although later in the day the line can stretch out quite long.

  7. What's the perfect length of stay at WDW, and within that time frame, on which parks do you spend the most time?
    Also which is the coolest ride, Pirates of the Caribbean or The Haunted Mansion?

  8. I enjoyed the Muppet 3D, too, but I have *always* liked the Muppets....Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin was pretty good (though not as fun as Toy Story Mania).. We caught it at the end of the day, though, so the lines were short. The small attractions in Epcot--the movie in Canada, the boat rides in Mexico and Norway--were awesome for the short waits, although those are more useful for a break from walking than ride excitement.

    I thought the worst return in time in line/fun of ride was Test Track. The ride was okay, but I did not feel TT measured up to the other big attractions.

    Shelly, I thought the coolest ride was Soarin'--crazy lines, but still cool.

  9. Kabugajski,

    TT has always been a winner with the adults and kids in our family. But I agree I don't want to wait 50 minutes in line for it. However, in our last trip, we used our crafty expertise and knowledge of fast passes to make our way around the parks. We didn't stand in line over fifteen minutes for any ride.

  10. Shelly,

    I'll answer the easy question first. Pirates. Haunted mansion is cool, but I've always had a soft-spot for pirates.

    The perfect length of stay for me is 4-5 nights. SPending the most time in Epcot and the least in Animal Kingsom ... although I do like all parks. However, I've been a number of times. For a first timer, you could probably stay 7-8 nights and still not to see it all. Also, it depends on what sort of traveler you are. Do you like to pack a day solid with activities from sun-up to sunset? Or do you like to stroll along in a casual way? You question is actually quite complicated. Nasa should get to work on it now that they are out of the space shuttle business.