Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Golf at Disney

Whenever I play golf, there is always a strong chance I will hurt myself and others. In fact, it's been a long, long time since I've played. But I'm always looking for an excuse to get into it again.

I was harassing a friend the other day with the idea that if certain possibilities came to fruition we should reward ourselves with a guy's golf trip. Naturally, my warped brain went to WDW. There are some great courses on the Disney property. In fact, Disney hosts a PGA tour event every year. And the idea of shooting 18 and then grabbing some Epcot beers is really appealing to me. There's a pretty good chance such a golf outing with my buddy will never transpire. A lot of things would have to fall into place.

But it got me thinking about the Disney golf courses again. In my numerous trips the last few years, I've never played golf. I've always been with my wife and young son, and they were far more interested in Test Track than in golf. I used to live in Orlando many years ago and had a chance to play a few times, but it's been so long, the memories are fuzzy. Was the course difficult? What did I shoot? How many balls did I lose? I'd like to get back into golf, and, eventually, I'd like to work a roudn into one of my Disney trips.

Some day ...


  1. I think like your wife....not into the golf....would rather go shopping for more Disney paraphernalia. LOL!

  2. Yeah, Debi, it's hard to schedule a round of golf when there is so much else to do.