Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wilderness Lodge here I come.

Okay ... been a while. But you didn't think I'd forgotton about my Disney blog, did you? Fact is I've been SWAMPED writing funny books and novels, but when Disney ran a 30% off of lodging special during the time I'll be nearby to visit my Dad anyway ... yeah, it didn't take much arm twisting.

The thing is, I'm a sucker for Disney and a double sucker for a discount. So I grabbed two nights at the Wilderness Lodge ... just enough to get a bit of taste, not a full blown vacation. So we'll hit the Magic Kingdom and Epcot but won't have time for the full smash -- Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios and Downtown Disney all all that. But I couldn't resist just, you know, dropping by to catch up with the mouse. A little hint of the magic and pretend.

So tell us about your next trip (or your last trip) to Disney. Where'd you stay? What did you do? Does it take a discount to get you off the dime? For me, it did ... this time.