Wednesday, June 1, 2011

MMMMMM. Put that in my mouth please.

There are lots of places to eat at Walt Disney World and at Disneyland. LOTS. So narrowing down a favorite depends on mood and context. I'm tempted to say the Biergarten is my favorite place, but not for the food. The food is decent, but what I really dig is the live oompa band and the huge mugs of beer. I like a little show with my meal if I'm in a vacation environment. But if I was going to base my choice on the quality of food I'd pick .... hmmmm ... not sure.

What about YOU, Mr. and Mrs. Blog Reader? What is your favorite place to eat at WDW?


  1. I think most of the food at Epcot is really good. The Biergarten is good and the Chinese place is pretty good, too.

    I really don't expect great meals at WDW. It's not what I go for, so the bar is set low and I don't mean that in a negative way. I just still think of it as amusement park food.

    And I know people seem to be divided on this because of the cost and quality (or sometimes lack thereof), but if you have younger kids, nothing beats the character meals. We did a breakfast at The Contemporary and it was fantastic. The buffet was better than expected, it wasn't crowded and my daughter LOVED having the characters come to the table. It was awesome.

    Also - I've eaten at Club 33 at Disneyland. It's way cool, but you honestly don't even know you're at Disneyland once you step thru the secret door.

  2. Jeff,

    I generally agree with you. But I've had some surprisingly good meals with quality food also. Citricos at The Grand Floridian comes to mind. But, yes, mostly I'm looking for good times over gourmet quisine.

  3. The food at Disney isn't quite as good as it used to be (I say this as someone who has been there 20+ times in the past 15 years). But it is still better than any other amusement park food I've had.

    Some favorites, arranged by park:
    Magic Kingdom: Liberty Tree Tavern, Crystal Palace
    Epcot: Les Chefs de France, Tangerine Cafe (in Morocco), Rose and Crown Pub (in UK), Le Cellier (in Canada), Biergarten (Germany)
    Disney Studios: Mama Melrose's, 50s Prime Time Cafe, Brown Derby
    Animal Kingdom: Tusker House

    Ones to avoid: ABC Commissary at Disney Studios, Tony's at Magic Kingdom (although some love it), Rainforest Cafe at Animal Kingdom

    I do think Magic Kingdom really needs to up their dining choices (more of them, and more sit down options). Why the Pirata and Perico Cafe is always closed I'll never know.

    At the resorts, I like Boma (AK Lodge), Kona Cafe (Polynesian), and Yachtsman Steakhouse (Yacht Club)

  4. Thanks for chiming in, Mr Abbott.

    Have you tried Ohana at the Polynesian. I think Kona Cafe is good, but I felt very well fed at ohana and enjoyed watchign my kid join the limbo line.

  5. We were very happy (with a couple of exceptions) with the food at Disney.  I am looking forward to trying some new places when we return.
    Our Disney dining experience is limited, but our favorites were:
      the Liberty Tree Tavern (not the greatest food ever, but good for a quick-service spot)
      Boma, which we liked because it had some items we never would have tried otherwise
      the Biergarten
      the 50s Prime Time Cafe--great desserts!
    Lastly, I agree with Jeff.  We did a character dinner at the contemporary.  The food was all right, but the experience of the characters made it the best meal of the trip.

  6. Ken,

    I actually like the Liberty Tree Tavern food quite a bit. I think because it's very simple and done well. My only wish is that it really was a tavern. But I guess I can understand not serving booze in the magic kingdom.

  7. You have to be careful with the term "quick-service" because in Disney write-ups that means counter service and Liberty Tree is a sit-down (or table service) restaurant. I agree that you can get in and out quickly, though, at Liberty Tree.

    I like Ohana just fine (we have stayed at the Polynesian several times). The breakfast is good although there was an issue with the character breakfast there last time we dined (just took forever for a couple of the characters to appear).

    Booze in the Magic Kingdom would make a lot of dads happy, but I understand why they don't serve it. I think it's tradition. Of course it seems a bit silly when you can get a beer or glass of wine in every other park.

    Full disclosure: my sister-in-law was a longtime Cast Member at Disney, and my brother-in-law still works for Disney. (one of the reasons we have made so many trips to WDW over the years). I am also a Disney shareholder.

  8. At Disneyland in Anaheim we always make the extra trek over to California Adventure for the clam chowder. I forget the name of the actual place.
    Most of the food at DL is mediocre at best.
    My favorite visual, though I've never had to guts to try one, are the people walking around with the giant turkey leg. It's HUGE! And they're just casually taking tastes of it like it's some big meat lollipop or something.
    Always gets me.

  9. I've never eaten at DL, Eric, but I'd say mediocre is a good way to describe most of the counter service places at WDW. But many of the sit-down places are at least above average. I'm notoriously easy to please, but my feeling is they are better than mediocre.

  10. Ohana's for breakfast. Honey Sesame Chicken at Nine Dragons in the China Pavilion. The Cheesecake at Scifi Drive-In in Hollywood Studios (seriously, if you've never had it, ITS INSANE).

    Those are my must eats. I have yet to have the steak in Canada, which is supposed to be phenomenal.

  11. I loved Jika @ the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Great atmosphere, great food, GREAT wine selection! Does the Rainforest Cafe count? I think it's somewhere on the property in that night-clubby area. I enjoyed that too....

  12. Shelly,

    I think the food at Rain Forest Cafe is nothing special. About what you'd find at an Appleby's. But the "thunderstorm" every thirty minutes is pretty cool, especially if you're with a seven year old.


  13. LOL, well whatever makes my 6 year old happy makes me happy Mr. Gischer! And, are you saying I have the palate of an Appleby's patron? Well, you're probably right....but, it was memorable and did not suck.
    And, Jika is a bit more high-brow for those looking for a more sophisticated menu.
    Also, I haven't done it in a long time, but as a kid we always had brunch at the Polynesian. Looks like you recently stayed there, did you like the food?

  14. Shelly,

    Ha-ha. By "nothing special" I just meant it's fine but not the main reason to go there. I wasn't dissing your palate. (Do the kids still say "dissing"?)

  15. I've never been up on the latest trends of the kids these days, even when I was a kid and it was my day.
    Actually, I think it might currently be hip to consider Appleby's a gourmet experience. ;)

  16. Your blog just made me type 'rutlinse'...obviously, your blog is keeping up with some very cutting edge trendy language. I love posting here on your disney blog, but excuse me while I take a moment to rutlinse out my laundry.

  17. The steak at LeCellier was the best I have had in my very long life. Also their maple creme brulee is in the "don't miss this or you will be sorry" category for desserts.

    The Smoked Turkey Leg in the MK along with a Dole Whip is my favorite lunch on the go.

    Love the Flametree Barbecue in the Animal Kingdom, the ribs were great! Tender and fell off the can get the sauce on the side which is how I like them.

    I like to try to find some goodies to eat along Sunset Blvd. in Disney's Hollywood Studios. Everything from pizza, burgers, salads, fruit, and ice cream is to be had in a farmer's market atmosphere. Just the things to settle your stomach after the Rockin' Roller Coaster and the Tower Of Terror rides.